Hi, I'm Jess

this is my slight ted talk of how I became a planner + photographer.

I was always drawing wedding dresses as a kid, never for myself but for others. In 11th grade I wrote a journal prompt on how one day I would become an event planner.

fast forward to college where I entered into freshman year as an exercise science major. why you ask me I couldn't even tell you, all I know is I always wanted to help people. this lasted one semester before I changed my major to hospitality.

this change made complete sense to me when I came home during summer break before sophomore year and was cleaning my room. during that summer clean up I found the journal prompt from 11th grade. YES I am an Italian hoarder, just like my mother... I have every card I have received since I was 16. special events, birthdays, weddings, and small things that may be insignificant to others are all so important to me!

that is one of the main reasons event planning and photography are my passions. my goal is to ensure you have the BEST experience with me. whether I am planning your wedding for a year or taking your picture for 30 minutes. We are going to have so many laughs, get to know each other, and I hope to maintain a relationship with you for a lifetime.

like I said... thanks for coming to my ted talk.